Peter Nijssen

CTO & Product Manager at CMNTY Corporation. Interested in Development and DevOps.

Social Network Authentication: Setup

Part 1: Set up social network authentication

The Complete Guide to Nailing Your Next Interview

A guide with do's and don'ts for job interviews

Continuous Integration with PHP-CI

Using PHP-CI as your continuous integration server

Mock your Test Dependencies with Mockery

How to use Mockery to mock your dependencies

Enable PhpMyAdmin’s Extra Features

How to use and activate PhpMyAdmin's extra features

Codeivate – social coding RPG

Using Codeivate as a social coding RPG

Optimizing MySQL Bottlenecks

Explanation on how you are able to find your MySQL bottlenecks

Optimizing MySQL Configuration

Explanation on how to optimize your MySQL configuration

Optimizing MySQL Indexes

Explanation on how to optimize your MySQL indexes

Debugging with Xdebug and Sublime Text 3

Intregating Xdebug with Sublime Text 3