Peter Nijssen

CTO & Product Manager at CMNTY Corporation. Interested in Development and DevOps.

Analyzing a PHP Project with Jenkins

Part 3: Analyzing the project results in Jenkins

Preparing and Building a PHP Project in Jenkins

Part 2: Building an actual PHP project in Jenkins

Installing and Securing Jenkins

Part 1: Install and secure Jenkins

Track Your Coding Productivity with WakaTime

Track time and productivity through WakaTime

Strategic Archive Extraction with Distill

Extrachting your archives with Distill

How to Deploy Symfony Apps with Capifony

Explanation of Capifony for Symfony

Check Your Code’s Quality with SensioLabs Insight

SensioLabs Insight checks your code for improvements

Social Network Authentication: Twitter and Facebook

Part 4: Adding Twitter and Facebook

Social Network Authentication: Merging Accounts

Part 3: How to handle the merging of multiple accounts

Social Network Authentication: Google+

Part 2: How to integrate Google+