Peter Nijssen

CTO & Product Manager at CMNTY Corporation. Interested in Development and DevOps.

High Availability with HAProxy and Keepalived in AWS

Although AWS offers its own load balancer (ELB), my preference goes out to HAProxy, since I can configure it entirely the way I would like to. This only requires me also to create my own failover system. Luckily we can use Keepalived for that. In this tutorial we will be creating 2 HAProxy EC2 instances. We will turn off the master instance and make sure the second instance takes over.

Connect two AWS regions with StrongSwan

If you want to connect two VPCs within the same region in AWS, you can use VPC peering. AWS unfortunately has no option yet to connect two VPCs in different region with each other. Within this article we will be connecting two regions through two StrongSwan instances.

Create your own VPC in AWS

AWS provides you with a default VPC in each region. There are cases however where you will need a new VPC. Of course you can use the VPC wizard, but it can also be really rewarding to be able to set up your VPC manually. Let's set up one.

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